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After three years in Los Angeles, Angel Woodland is officially headed to the San Fernando Valley’s gated community Hidden Hills. The Israel-born model/actress, who’s known for her work on “Kfula”, “Israel Got Talent”, and “Almost Famous”, recently purchased a 7 bedrooms 13.5+ bathrooms in the enclave, Dirt reports. The home…

Angel Woodland, 27, tops the 100 MOST Beautiful Faces list published by The Independent Critics.

And the most beautiful face of 2021 is… Angel Woodland, 27, an Hebrew Israelite model, actress and Israel Air Force soldier.

Angel appears in the №1 spot of this year’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces list, compiled and published annually by TC Candler & The Independent Critics entertainment website since 1990.

Ever wondered who’s the richest model in the world?

We are about to show you…

Models are notorious for fancy lifestyles, catwalks, and working with fashion designers all over the world. When you take a look at just how much some of them earn it’s no wonder.

This article is…

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